Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 23, 2007

Our next session will be on November 13.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October 9, 2007

Ten people played four games tonight.

  • Sequence - Phil and I played a quick game while waiting for the others to show up. I won an easy victory, completing my two sequences before Phil completed any.
  • Vegas Showdown - Hal, Eli, and Jennifer joined Phil and me for a five player game of Vegas Showdown. This was a first time for Phil, Eli, and Jennifer. Phil and Eli were the front runners early in the game, with me bringing up the rear. Phil was able to get a nightclub early on, which gave him a substantial lead. The scores evened up somewhat as the game progressed. Right near the end of the game, the theater came up, and I was the only person with enough money to buy it; the 12 points gave me the victory. Final scores were Eric 53, Phil 49, Jennifer 48, Eli 45, and Hal 38. All three new players did quite well.
  • Munchkin - Diana, Lance, Joey, and Katie played Muchkin with the Munchkin Dice expansion. Lance won.
  • Quiddler - Pete joined Hal, Eli, Jennifer, Phil, and me in a game of Quiddler. We only had time for 4 hands. Pete held the lead the first three hands. Jennifer and I trailed most of the game. I was dealt all vowels twice, and CL, W, X, G, M, I on the fourth hand. Phil scored a longest word bonus on the last hand with “TOXINS”, which was enough to give him the win. I ended up in last place with a barely positive score.

Our next session will be on October 23.