Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8, 2008

For the first time in a long time, we had enough people to have two games going at once.

  • First, I played a game of Torres with three new comers, Greg, Amy, and Jo Yu (sorry if I’ve misspelled her name). Despite being the only person who’d played the game before, I came in last. Jo Yu won with 178, Amy had 177, Greg had 157, and I had 143.
  • In the meantime, Hal, Eli, and Ian started a game of Stone Age. Eli won with a score of 183.
  • Stone Age was still going on when we finished Torres, so I brought out Princes of Florence. Again, I was the only one who played before. All three new players picked up on the game fairly quickly. I won with a score of 64, but Greg wasn’t far behind with 59, Amy had 44, and Jo Yu had 39.

Our next session will be on July 22.