Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 25, 2008

It was just Hal and I tonight.

  • Hal had just bought the new Catapult expansion for Carcassonne, so we had to give that a try. The expansion adds twelve Fair tiles to the game, four different catapult tokens for each player, and a wooden catapult. Whenever a player draws a Fair tile, he places it like a normal tile, then uses the catapult to fling one of his catapult tokens. One token will remove a follower from the board (if it hits a follower), one token will allow you to replace one of your opponents followers with one of your own followers, one token your opponent has to try to catch, while with the last token you try to hit the Fair tile just placed. After you use the catapult, then each other player gets to use the catapult, but must use the same tile you used. Aiming the tokens was very difficult; as a result, we pretty much ignored the target token. Hal had a little luck with the convert token. I did quite well with the catch token, which we used seven times. All seven times, I caught the token while Hal missed it all seven times, scoring me a total of 70 points! However, the one convert token Hal was able to use successfully gave him control of a 90 point city. Hal won with 372 to my 285.
  • Next, we played two games of Sorry! Sliders. The store clerk joined us for the second game (I didn’t get his name, unfortunately). I forgot who won the first game. Hal won the second.
  • Last, we played a two player game of Gloom, using the Unhappy Homes and Unwelcome Guests expansions. Each of the expansions adds one additional player to the game. Unhappy Homes adds a residence card for each family, and Mystery cards which can be played on the residences to give bonuses. Unwelcome Guests adds five guests which move from family to family, depending on the play of certain cards. To kill your family off, you must also kill (or get rid of) any guests in your family as well. Hal managed to kill his family off first, but because I had three dead guests (and one live one) in addition to all my regular family members being dead, I came out ahead on points, winning with -165 to Hal’s -135.

Our next session will be December 9, 2008.